From the 9th January 2013, publicly and privately owned large buildings, as defined in S.I. 243 of 2012, frequently visited by the public, are required to exhibit a DEC, in a prominent place, clearly visible to the public. The DEC is intended to encourage public authorities to adopt environmentally responsible and efficient use of energy in buildings.

This includes any public body or public authority/ institution set up by Government enactment. The Dept of State, Local Authorities, HSE and public educational establishments. The DEC is based on the measured energy use, where the actual energy consumed in the building is compared to a benchmark for similar buildings, and shown on the certificate A1 - G scale in terms of primary energy. There is also a CO2 indicator which shows the CO2 emissions associated with the building's energy consumption. Benchmark or typical buildings have a E1 rating.Display Energy Cert Pic 1

From 9th July 2015 a DEC is required for:
  • Buildings occupied by a public body with a total useful floor area in excess of 250m2, and frequently visited by the public
  • Buildings (other than occupied by a public body) with a total useful floor area in excess of 500m2 and frequently visited by the public

Navitus are registered with SEAI and are eligible to carried out DECs on applicable buildings.


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