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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can detect thermal bridging problems with a building, without the need for invasive & costly testing. Or can help identify problems with the structure or with electrical or mechanical equipment at a facility, Navitus can assess the problem using Thermal Imaging with the latest technology, to uncover the source of the issue and then help to determine the best way to solve it.

A thermal Imaging survey can help identify the following common building defects:
  • Damaged insulation in walls, floors or roofs
  • Thermal Bridging issues
  • Air Infiltration routes/ air leakage
  • Water leaks, moisture ingress
Thermal Imaging: A Cost Effective Technology
Thermal imaging is the process of using infrared to locate problems with electrical and mechanical machinery and building systems. Infrared is able to pick up abnormal thermal performance, so that problems that are difficult to diagnose through routine inspections can be pinpointed.

It is completely non-invasive, making it much less expensive than other types of troubleshooting techniques. Plus, thermal imaging does not require lengthy shutdowns for inspections due to the speed at which diagnostics can be performed.

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Thermal Anemometer Survey

An anemometer measures and indicates wind or air flow speeds, a Thermal Anemometer Survey can be carried out in conjunction with an Air Tightness Test. anemometerNot only will this indentify the areas of air leakage throughout the building but will quantify the precise leakage rate at that particular point. The survey will generate an inventory of key leakage areas throughout the building and will allow these areas to be prioritised based on their severity.


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