Energy Audits and Management Programmes
Navitus specialises in providing tailor made energy audits and management programmes for all types of businesses.

The team has covered many sectors and will provide a programme to reduce energy consumption and costs across the board or in targeted areas at the client's request.

Energy Audits
The energy audit will assess your existing energy usage and will identify where energy and money can be saved through a varity of means. The actual savings achievable will be determined during the auditing process and presented in the final report.

What does the Commercial Energy Audit cover?
The Commercial Energy Audit differs from the Commercial Building Energy Rating (CBER), as it examines energy consumption particular to the onsite business activities.
The assessment includes the following:
  • Assessment of the annual energy usage.
  • Benchmarking current energy usage against industry best practice.
  • Providing an independent electricity tariff analysis to ensure that optimum value for money is being achieved.
  • Undertaking a detailed survey of the building to assess the condition of the existing building fabric and building services.
  • Review the existing heating/cooling system and control strategy to ensure that the system is operating efficiently.
  • Identifying the impact of existing staff activities and behavioural changes on energy consumption.
  • Assess the technical and economical feasibility of installing alternative technologies such as wind, biomass, and solar water heating.
  • Assess the viability of installing heat recovery systems.
  • Provide a cost benefit analysis for all energy saving recommendations that are identified.
  • Deliver a final report which will highlight the findings of the survey and feasibility studies.


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