For further information and advice on Air-tightness testing including our guide:
"Air Tightness Testing - The Essential Guide to Part L of the Building Regulations 2007 for dwellings and good practice for commercial buildings""

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Current building regulations require mandatory air pressure testing for all new dwellings. Air Tightness Testing Pic 1

Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building. Improving air tightness in a dwelling can reduce air leakage.

An air tightness test measures the flow of air within a building. 

The aim of air tightness is to "build tight, ventilate right". This means that there are no breaks or gaps in the building fabric envelope and there is complete control over the ventilation system within the building. Having an airtight property does not mean there is insufficient air flow, it means there is controlled air flow.
Air tightness testing highlights areas of heat loss. These areas increase a buildings energy consumption and, as a result, the amount of money the building is wasting. Air tightness and thermal imaging can locate these areas and therefore allow you to make the necessary changes to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

The only satisfactory way to measure air tightness is by using blower door test equipment.

Air tightness testing highlights areas of heat loss from a building and consequently money wasted. NAVITUS have blower door testing equipment for residential and commercial properties.Air Tightness Testing Pic 2

  • Air pressure tests can be used to increase the energy efficiency of existing dwellings.
  • Air leakage testing helps identify areas of a building experiencing heat loss.
  • Air leakage testing helps minimise energy usage in a dwelling.
  • Air leakage testing plays a vital role in achieving an "A" rated BER certificate
  • Air pressure tests in conjunction with Thermal Imaging can locate the inefficiencies in your building

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